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In like a lamb…
Posted on: 19,03,2018

March has an old saying, “In like a Lamb – Out like a Lion”. I can only assume we will be wearing shorts come the end of the month? There has been some damage sustained from the cold temperatures, with a few burst pipes, where insulation was insufficient or removed to make some warm bedding […]

Snowdrops & optimism
Posted on: 14,02,2018

Well this coldish winter seems as if it is in no hurry to abate. Certainly, compared to last year we have had a much greater number of frosty nights and days. Fortunately, this has not held us up too much in the gardens and in fact at times the crusty ground surfaces have prevented us […]

New faces
Posted on: 05,02,2018

We are delighted to welcome Fit to the Core into the Old Grain Loft at Bowhouse, where Suzy and her team will be operating their gym – which moved from St Monans to the newly renovated space in January. The building was used as a grain storage loft until the 1970s when it became a […]

The last tree in the avenue
Posted on: 22,01,2018

The cold weather that came in at the end of last year has returned and frozen ground could well slow down some of the winter landscape projects that we had lined up. Fortunately, we did have a small opportunity to sow some grass seed on the new areas of lawn on the middle terrace – […]

All tucked up for winter
Posted on: 20,12,2017

It has been quite a busy last six weeks on the farm’s livestock enterprise. All the fattening cattle brought in from summer grazing in the fields has to be housed at Lochty. Calves weaned from their mothers are transported to Lochty from North Baldutho in our own livestock trailer and housed. Cows are all housed […]

Winter landscaping
Posted on: 20,12,2017

We are well into winter now and we seem to have had quite a cold start compared to recent years. We have covered some plants that are staying outside with fleece, like the Brugmansia in front of Toby’s garden door. Other tender perennials, which if they die down tend to shoot back up from the […]