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Buying Alprazolam In Thailand - Cheap Alprazolam

Beyond being a place where people work, Balcaskie is also a place where people live.

The rural idyll

These residential lets are ideally suited to professional families
wishing to enjoy a peaceful rural setting in a comfortable,
spacious home and most are let on a Private Residential
Tenancy Agreement with an initial period of 12 months.

Private Residential Tenancy Agreement

Properties available to let

No.3 Abercrombie Cottages

3 Abercrombie Cottages is an end terraced 2 bedroom cottage with garden
& off street parking.

The accommodation comprises of lounge with wood burning stove, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and newly fitted 

The property has double glazing and electric storage heaters and a large garden with brick built shed

Council tax band B.

The property is available for immediate entry and is let unfurnished for an
initial period of 12 months.

The monthly rent of £650 will be payable in advance by direct debit. A deposit
equal to one month's rent, in addition to the first month's rent will be payable
prior to entry.


Deborah Ryan
01333 720200

Peace and quiet

Many of our cottages and houses are occupied by people who work on Balcaskie, but there are also some available for rental.

Residential Property FAQ

  • How do I find out about availability of residential lets?

    Contact Balcaskie Estate Office on 01333 720200 or by email

  • What is the criteria for applying?

    We welcome all enquiries, most agreements require two months deposit plus first month's rent as well as full references and credit check

  • Where are the properties located?

    Most of the properties are located within the Balcaskie Estate near Anstruther