East Neuk Estates (ENE)

Balcaskie is a founding member of the East Neuk Estates group of six local family-run estates, which work collaboratively to achieve common goals and focus on long-term, community-led plans.

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Community awards

ENE founded the East Neuk
Community Awards Fund and
initiated the East Neuk
Community Action Plan (ENCAP).


Recognising our place as an active member within our own community,
we work in partnership with neighbouring farmers to achieve common
goals – a high quality of life in a vibrant and sustainable place.


Engagement activities

Alongside the East Neuk Community Awards Fund and ENCAP initiatives,
the ENE group is building on its work with partner organisations, including:
Food from Fife - the Fife Food Network
RSPB Corn Bunting Project
Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) Grey Partridge Project

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East Neuk Estates FAQ

  • How do I find out more about Balcaskie and the ENE group?

    Contact Balcaskie Estate Office on 01333 720200 or by email info@balcaskie.com

  • Which other estates make up the ENE group?

    Balcarres, Elie, Gilston, Kilconquhar and Strathtyrum estates form ENE with Balcaskie.