The Beef Herd

The livestock enterprise is farmed organically and produce is quality assured to
Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), while the herds’ High Health Status is monitored
by National Premium Health Schemes (NPHS).

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The Luing herd

Originally Highland x Shorthorn,
Luing is now a native pedigree:
hardy, good mothers, plenty of
milk and excellent meat quality.

Suckler cows

Around 100 suckler cows graze on and around Kellie Law through summer,
where they are crossed to a Simmental bull to rejuvenate the core commercial
herd of 250 Sim-Luing suckler cows. Calves stay with their mother through
the first summer.

Mob Grazing

The commercial herd

The core commercial herd of
250 Sim-Luing suckler cows enables
Balcaskie to offer a range of finishing
times throughout the year.

Homegrown provenance

All cattle spend their entire time on the farm eating homegrown fresh grass,
cereals and other fodder. Housing design provides natural light and ventilation
and purpose-built handling facilities make use of natural animal instincts and
curiosity, allowing livestock flow with minimal interference.

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