Balcaskie Gardens

The garden's terraces and vista are inspired by French Baroque gardens, such as Vaux-le-Vicomte. These were restored in the 18th century and the parterre was designed in the 1840s by WA Nesfield.

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The Bass Rock

Balcaskie gardens include three broad terraces aligned on the Bass Rock, the famous landmark of the River Forth.

Scotland’s Gardens

The estate’s head gardener collaborates with the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), opening the gardens to the public each year under the Scotland’s Gardens scheme, which has supported the NTS Gardens Fund since 1952 and now supports many other charities annually.

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Balcaskie Gardens FAQ

  • When can I visit the gardens?

    The gardens are open to visitors on specific dates during  the summer – follow the website and Balcaskie Facebook for more information